Servis Service Saves You Time And Money

Warranties are never the most exciting topic. That’s why we’ve kept ours clear and simple, from problem reported to problem solved.

When you’ve paid good money for a kitchen appliance you expect it to last and do the job it was made for. When it breaks down you feel frustrated. When you get an argument from the supplier or manufacturer it just adds insult to injury…. At Servis we believe customer service should be better than that.

We stand behind our warranty and after sales service, and believe they’re the best. We won’t give you any hassle and that’s a promise. We’ll simply organise a repair with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency, no blinding you with science or baffling you with small print. Our service warranty is simple to understand and straight to the point.

Our Promise

We promise that when you call with a problem you will have, ready to help:

  • Our nationwide team of Servis approved engineers
  • Phone and email support

Both parts and labour are included, so you won’t get any unexpected bills. And, because we know how vital kitchen appliances are to the smooth running of your household, if we can’t get it fixed we’ll replace it with a new one. We like to keep things simple where we can. Servis kitchen appliances are built with care, and the care doesn’t end at the factory door.

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