World Cup Capers – Making Time for Live TV


So, we’re out of the World Cup, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop watching the football. True lovers of the beautiful game know there’s plenty of nail-biting still to come.


What with work and kids, housework and other daily responsibilities, you’ve got two choices when it comes to finding time for live football on TV. You can find a way to get everything done in good time or press the record button, and then become a hermit so you don’t hear the score till you’ve caught up.


When it comes to sport, watching live is the only way to go. Except it's no fun having laundry or dishes nagging away while you’re trying to enjoy the game. You might banish the chores from your mind, but reality hits hard when you next go in the kitchen and find it looks like a bomb dropped. With that in mind, here are some ideas for getting the household stuff out of the way.




Check out this washing machine with Hydrodrive technology. The 12 minute speedy wash programme takes care of small loads in super-rapid time, so you can get the essentials clean in the shake of a lambs tail, leaving plenty of time for sofa spectatorship.


Alternatively, plan ahead with pre-programming. When the family wash needs to be done by a certain time, set the timer and let the machine do the thinking while you get on with having fun.


For truly hands-off laundry, you can’t beat a washer/dryer with a real-time clock. This lets you tell the machine when you want your washing finished. It’s handy for making sure all the noisy jobs are done and the house is quiet when the match starts. Having machines running while you’re watching is okay when they’re in another part of the house but in smaller, or open plan, homes it’s not so easy to escape the spin cycle.




The piles of dishes only get bigger when you’re having friends round to watch a game. You have three choices: let the dishes pile up, spend longer at the kitchen sink, or arm yourself with a dishwasher.


The Servis DN61039 Dishwasher is super quiet with a Quiet Mark award to prove it. Armed with flexible programmes, it includes a quick, 30 minute rinse and a half load setting so you can wash as you go. No matter how many beer, wine glasses or salsa dip bowls you dirty, you’ll never miss a penalty with one of these on your team.


There are plenty of World Cup matches still to come before the final on 13th July. You can’t control which teams will play, but you can control your domestic arrangements so you can enjoy the matches.


Have you got any predictions? Let us know who you think will win the cup.

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