White as White for Wimbledon


That special time of year is almost upon us, when all over the country cries of ‘love’ and ‘advantage’ echo through still summer air. Accompanied by grunts of effort and the twang of ball on racquet, tennis fever grips most of the population. As well as enjoying watching the professionals, adults see a new way to get fit and kids dream of winning Wimbledon themselves.

All this exercise, in the correct white attire of course, means washing machines work overtime, dealing with grass stains and the evidence of physical exertion. Unless you can supply eager Murray wannabes with a new set of whites every day, you need a machine that’s engineered to deal with tough stains in a fast, efficient manner. Getting those whites white for the next day’s match is vital.

Enter the Servis range of washing machines and washer dryers. There’ll be no moans about rain stopping play with one of these in your arsenal because they’ll dry out everyone’s whites in no time, regardless of what the weather’s doing.

Need it fast? Servis washing machines can wash the worst soiled sports clothes in just 1 hour, washing at a stain-busting 60 degrees to get cotton whites crisp and fresh. Alternatively, for lightly soiled small loads, you can perform a cool (30 degree) magic cleaning trick in just 12 minutes. 

Need extra stain-busting muscle? The Servis FG washing machine has an amazing 22 algorithms that will make short work of cleaning tough, combinations of stains. We haven’t met a stain we can’t banish, and when it comes to sports there’s a whole host of mysterious stains that can show up on laundry.

Just need a freshen-up? Sometimes things aren’t really dirty, they just need a freshness boost. The Servis washer dryer refresh programme delivers just this. It doesn’t wash, but the hot air it tumbles through laundry destroys stale odours, and makes clothes fresh enough for another outing between washes. 

Wimbledon fortnight is a strange time of year in some respects. We spend our time alternating between darkened living rooms glued to the TV and flexing little-used muscles performing weak backhands. It doesn't take long to realise tennis isn't as easy as the champions make it look. Regardless, our great British sporting attitude infuses us with the knowledge that it’s the taking part that’s important. For Wimbledon fortnight, at least, we’ll don our whites and give it a go. To get you in the mood, here's a fun quiz where you can test your tennis knowledge (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Behind all the effort stands the washing machine. Without this dependable kitchen staple working away in the background, we’d never cut a dash on the tennis court.

How about you? Are you taking up tennis this year, or encouraging kids to get started? 

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