Week two: Our water-wise consumers give their advice to save water


We’re now into week two of the Start the Cycle challenge and our water-wise consumers have been sending us their advice on how to save water in the home.


Here are a few suggestions:


  • A full bath uses 80 litres of water – reduce the amount of water when you have a bath or opt to shower instead
  • Use a timer while in the shower to limit your time and the amount of water used
  • Purchase a toilet with a dual flush which uses less water dependent on the flush
  • Check if you have a slow leak in the toilet: place some food colouring in your cistern and wait half an hour, if you see any dye in your toilet bowl, you have a leak. If you don't...hooray! 
  • Rather than filling up the watering can from the tap with fresh water, use bath or dish water to water your plants (it won’t do them any harm)
  • Don't defrost frozen foods like chicken in water; instead, leave them to defrost overnight
  • Don't over fill saucepans when boiling vegetables, only use enough water to cover them
  • Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need – save water and energy!
  • Instead of using a hose to wash the car, use a bowl or bucket of water and sponges
  • Contact your local water board for devices to help you save and check whether rebates are available for purchasing water-efficient fixtures  and equipment


Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages for water-saving advice throughout June and use #Startthecycle to share your tips on what helps you save.


The most ‘water-wise’ and proactive household taking part in the Start the Cycle challenge will win a new Servis water-saving dishwasher.

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