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Waging War on Allergies at Home

Author: Debs @Servis. Posted: 22 April 2014

If you have allergies, the name of the game is damage limitation. Allergens are all around us, throughout the house in the form of dust mites and pet dander, and outside provides no respite either with pollen waiting to pounce as soon as you step through the door.

National Frozen Food Month – Celebrating the Little Things

Author: Debs @Servis. Posted: 21 March 2014

March is National Frozen Food month. What’s that all about, you may ask? Surely there’s nothing to celebrate about frozen food. We take it for granted, but we’d be lost without it. The only downside is that most of the time, frozen food needs thawing before we can eat it. In a ‘want it now’ world, food from the freezer can be a case of ‘hurry up and wait’.

Kitchen Designs: The Work Triangle

Author: Dave @Servis. Posted: 9 August 2013

Good kitchen design, according to ergonomic experts, depends on having the most efficient layout.

The main work sites in the kitchen are storage, cleaning and cooking. To make the different sites work together effectively, the relative appliances of fridge, sink and cooker should be arranged so they form an equilateral triangle.



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