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Servis Allergy Busting Washing Machines

Author: Rita @ Servis. Posted: 7 November 2014

Awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval by national charity, Allergy UK, many Servis Washing Machines have been independently recognized for their allergy-fighting power.

Servis breaks the vicious cycle for eczema sufferer

Author: Rita @ Servis. Posted: 27 October 2014

A mum of four in Hythe, Kent, has received a donation of an Allergy UK approved washing machine from Servis, to help soothe her daughter’s eczema.

Cook and Freeze Your Own Baby Food

Author: Debs @Servis. Posted: 2 April 2014

From around 6 months, babies can be safely weaned off formula or breast milk, and discover the joys of solid foods. Making your own is quick and easy, and if you freeze it in batches it is much cheaper than relying solely on bought baby foods.



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