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Food Allergy or Food Intolerance? Know the Difference

Author: Debs @Servis. Posted: 22 April 2014

Confusion reigns when it comes to knowing whether you have a food intolerance or a food allergy. Many people believe they’re the same but, in fact, they’re very different. The difference lies in how the body reacts to the proteins in food: allergies are an immune system response and intolerances are a digestive response.

Allergy Awareness Week

Author: Debs @Servis. Posted: 22 April 2014

According to Allergy UK, the leading British allergy charity, the number of people who suffer from allergies rises by 5% every year. Half of them are children, and millions of us have at least one allergy…

Cook and Freeze Your Own Baby Food

Author: Debs @Servis. Posted: 2 April 2014

From around 6 months, babies can be safely weaned off formula or breast milk, and discover the joys of solid foods. Making your own is quick and easy, and if you freeze it in batches it is much cheaper than relying solely on bought baby foods.

National Frozen Food Month – Celebrating the Little Things

Author: Debs @Servis. Posted: 21 March 2014

March is National Frozen Food month. What’s that all about, you may ask? Surely there’s nothing to celebrate about frozen food. We take it for granted, but we’d be lost without it. The only downside is that most of the time, frozen food needs thawing before we can eat it. In a ‘want it now’ world, food from the freezer can be a case of ‘hurry up and wait’.

Is Your Fridge Back-to-School Ready?

Author: Debs @Servis. Posted: 12 September 2013

It’s that time of year again when it’s all change on the home front and routines switch from leisurely summer holidays to school day rituals.

For most of us this means earlier bed times for younger children, more structure and discipline to stay on top of the older ones’ homework, and different shopping habits to keep the fridge stocked with pack-up lunchables and home-time snacks.

Kitchen Designs: The Work Triangle

Author: Dave @Servis. Posted: 9 August 2013

Good kitchen design, according to ergonomic experts, depends on having the most efficient layout.

The main work sites in the kitchen are storage, cleaning and cooking. To make the different sites work together effectively, the relative appliances of fridge, sink and cooker should be arranged so they form an equilateral triangle.

How to Organise Your Fridge and Lose Weight with Servis

Author: Debs @Servis. Posted: 6 August 2013

It’s that time again, when waistlines have expanded and the very sight of a mince pie sets teeth on edge.
Of course we love it; all the feasting and carousing that goes with the festive holiday. But come January we’re more than ready to get back to the real world. Part of that real-world experience often involves shedding the few pounds that crept on thanks to merry overindulgence.



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