Servis breaks the vicious cycle for eczema sufferer


A mum of four in Hythe, Kent, has received a donation of an Allergy UK approved washing machine from Servis, to help soothe her daughter’s eczema.

Laura Ames’ nine-year-old daughter Daisy has suffered with severe eczema since birth but was only able to have her allergies diagnosed when she was seven. Since then Laura has tried a number of skin care routines and household changes to help soothe Daisy’s weeping, cracked skin.

Anti-Allergy Washing Machine

“Daisy has very dry skin due to her eczema, which flakes off in her clothes a lot. We’ve been through several skin care routines testing a number of emollients with professional advice, and although her skin is improving as she gets older, it’s hard to pin point one particular remedy,” said Laura.

“We’ve tried so many different creams and there isn’t a day where Daisy isn’t covered in some sort of lotion to comfort her – although great for her skin, they always leave her clothes looking and feeling very greasy and my old washing machine just couldn’t get the stains out. I didn’t feel like Daisy’s clothes ever left the washing machine thoroughly cleaned which in turn, irritated her skin and brought her out in dreadful rashes, it was truly a vicious cycle,” added Laura.

The cycle was broken when the Ames family received a donation of a washing machine from white goods manufacturer Servis. The brand’s W814FLHD and W814FGHD machines have recently received Allergy UK’s Seal of Approval due to their 60 degree Sensitive programme which removes allergens and harmful bacteria from fabrics; ideal for Daisy’s allergy to house dust mite.

Both machines have an A+++ energy rating and alongside the Sensitive programme, have additional technologies that allow users to regulate the intensity of cycles to ensure loads only use as much power and water as required. Receiving the Allergy UK Seal of Approval just ahead of Indoor Allergy Week (20 October – 26 October 2014), the team behind the brand donated the W814FGHG machine after hearing from Allergy UK about the Ames family’s ongoing struggles and hope more families affected by allergies will find relief in the allergy-approved appliance.

“It’s amazing the difference the Servis washing machine has made. I wash Daisy’s clothes separately in the Sensitive Wash and her clothes and bedding come out so much cleaner and softer than before. It’s definitely helped improve Daisy’s skin and she’s less prone to rashes caused by her own surroundings now.

“I’m so impressed with the effect the Servis machine has had on my daily routine too; the 8kg drum is much larger than my old machine and I’m able to do fewer loads throughout the week. The eco wash is perfect for family loads for the rest of us and I’ve noticed it is making a difference to our electricity bills as it uses less energy and water, so that’s one side effect we’re definitely enjoying!” added Laura.

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