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It is National Dog Day today, so we thought that we would celebrate, by offering some top doggy tips for your home.


Making Homes More Mutt-friendly!

Love your Dogs, love their Dog Hair! Pet pooches can often bring us more than just a daily dose of joy, triggering in us some deep-rooted pet allergies! But don’t let this put an end to your daily doggy hugs! Instead, try one of our Allergy-busting Washing Machines! Working at an energy-saving temperature, the Servis Anti-Allergy programme will rid your clothes and soft furnishings of all those troublesome mites and allergens! Look out for the Allergy Seal of Approval which several of our washing machines have been awarded.


Our Pet Pooch, the Family Dirt Magnet. People often say that sharing is caring, but in the case of our canine friends, this may not always be a good thing. Our mud-rolling mutts can often sully our cushion covers and even our duvets and bed sheets! But fear not, Servis has introduced a super Washer Dryer that offers a quick 29 minute Wash and Dry programme for lightly soiled laundry as well as a more vigorous Duvet programme for bulkier items.


Get rid of the Dog Whiff in a Jiff! Wet dog smell is a scent that only your pampered pooch can get away with. If you haven’t time to wash your doggy-smelling clothes, then why not give them a quick freshen up and let the air circulate through them in one of our laundry Refresh programmes?


Doggy Dishwashers! If your dog is still stuck on the idea of being the main household dishwasher, licking your plates clean at every given clandestine moment, then make sure you use an antibacterial dishwasher programme to scrub and sanitise that crockery! The Servis Super Quiet Dishwasher offers an Auto Intensive wash as well as an Extra hygiene option that raises the water temperature and extends the cleaning time of any selected programme.



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