How Dads are Changing the World


Since it’s Father’s Day on 15th June, we decided to join the celebration with a look at dad’s changing role in the kitchen.

Traditionally, the kitchen belonged to mum, and dads got the short end of the stick when it came to praise for cooking and cleaning. Likewise, doing the laundry and loading the dishwasher didn't often win them many brownie points either. All that’s changing though, because modern dads are more involved in the kitchen today than they ever were in the past.

Dads Love Kitchen Appliances

Take research reported in the Daily Mail not long ago, for instance. According to survey results, British men cook four meals a week on average, with half of respondents saying they were adventurous cooks who were willing to try new methods, ingredients and techniques.

It’s not just cooking, either. Men were the big spenders on kitchen equipment, parting with an average of just under £500 over two years. And here’s the kicker: half of them said they’d rather spend on kitchen appliances than on gadgets like new tablets.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise when you consider men’s known preference for cooking special-occasion meals such as Christmas dinners or barbecue get-togethers. Maybe it’s the excuse to break out more specialised gadgets and appliances, or maybe they just like the fuss of special occasions (Dads, leave us a comment and let us know, please). Whatever their reasons, more men are now cooking just for the love of it, and never mind the occasion. 

Dads and Social Media

The Parenting Group and Edelman PR also ran some interesting research a couple of years ago that showed 70% of dads doing the shopping and 67% doing the cooking and cleaning. Activity on Social Media has changed too, with over 40% of dads with children under two posting status updates about their kids. Today’s dads are more openly family orientated than dads of previous generations.

Marketers and advertisers are taking note and changing their campaigns accordingly. The emphasis is now more on ‘family’ and ‘home’ than on gender specific marketing for home products. Since companies spend a small fortune on knowing who their customers are, you can be sure that if they’re taking dads into consideration, things are changing on the home front.

 Dads and Daughters

Dads’ greater involvement in running the household is great news for daughters. Research just out of Canada reveals that no matter how much we talk up gender equality, when it comes to career ambitions the girls who aim highest are the ones who have dads who do housework. Reinforcing the belief that actions speak louder than words, the results of this research shows it’s the demonstration of equality at home that really makes a difference with how kids (and girls in particular) position themselves in the world.


So let’s hear it for dads every day as well as on Father’s Day. There’s a quiet, dad-revolution going on behind the scenes, and we think it’s something to shout about.


Do you agree? What are you doing to celebrate the special dad in your life this week?

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