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Servis breaks the vicious cycle for eczema sufferer

Author: Rita @ Servis. Posted: 27 October 2014

A mum of four in Hythe, Kent, has received a donation of an Allergy UK approved washing machine from Servis, to help soothe her daughter’s eczema.

World Cup Capers – Making Time for Live TV

Author: debs @Servis. Posted: 8 July 2014

So, we’re out of the World Cup, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop watching the football. True lovers of the beautiful game know there’s plenty of nail-biting still to come.

White as White for Wimbledon

Author: debs @Servis. Posted: 24 June 2014

That special time of year is almost upon us, when all over the country cries of ‘love’ and ‘advantage’ echo through still summer air. Accompanied by grunts of effort and the twang of ball on racquet, tennis fever grips most of the population. As well as enjoying watching the professionals, adults see a new way to get fit and kids dream of winning Wimbledon themselves.

At Your Servis! Eliminating harmful bacteria with every wash.

Author: Debs @Servis. Posted: 13 June 2014

When we found out that the Servis Hydrodrive Washing Machines had been given the seal of approval by The British Allergy Foundation, we had to find out more.

With our Start the Cycle challenge now under way, here are 10 top tips to help you save water in the home

Working Together For World Environment Day

Author: Debs @Servis. Posted: 3 June 2014

What does WED mean to you? How do you feel about environment issues? Have you made any pledges, or any changes in your own lifestyle? If not, do you plan to? We’d love to hear what you think.

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