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Servis Electric Cookers: Top 5 Ceramic Hob Questions

Author: Deborah Sutton. Posted: 21 January 2013

We answer the top five questions about the ceramic hobs featured in the new Servis Electric Cookers

Since there seems to be a bit of confusion out there regarding the different types of ceramic hobs, we’ve put together the answers to the five questions we get asked the most.

Cosy up in the Kitchen

Author: David Ellis. Posted: 21 January 2013

When the wind howls, when snow drifts in frigid ridges against walls and fences, and when even walking takes a major effort of concentration to stay upright, there’s no place like home.

The Servis Double Oven Complements our Kitchen Range

Author: Deborah Sutton. Posted: 19 January 2013

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Servis double oven, ceramic hob cookers. These two new members of our range perfectly complement the modern, clean lines of both our washers and fridge freezers, and are cleverly designed to provide a perfect bridge between retro and modern styling. They’ll look right at home with your existing appliances.

Minimise Food Waste with Servis Fridge Freezers

Author: Radoslaw Zajaczkowski. Posted: 19 January 2013

Team up with Servis and put the latest technology to best use with your new Servis fridge freezer.

We are all aware of what a wasteful society we live in, but it takes the latest research to really bring it home, especially where food is concerned. We’re not going to change the habits of a lifetime overnight, but we can utilise modern storage facilities to cut back on the food we waste at home. With Servis fridge freezers you can store food with maximum efficiency.



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