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Old Fashioned Paper Chain Streamers

Author: David Ellis. Posted: 18 December 2012

Everyone’s going retro these days, and we’ve noticed that vintage-style Christmas decorations are also making a comeback. Does anyone remember the old-fashioned paper chains made from rings of sugar paper?
They’re so easy to make, lots of fun for the kids (remember to supervise little ones around scissors or other sharp objects), and with so many pretty papers available these days they can also be made to look quite classy.

Laundry and the Lonesome Male

Author: David Ellis. Posted: 18 December 2012

There are jokes aplenty regarding men’s adventures with washing machines. They range from pink tie-died shirts to sweaters small enough for a toddler, dishwashing tablets instead of washing powder and fairy liquid instead of detergent.
Joking aside, many women prefer it if their men leave the laundry well alone, much preferring them to go outside and change the oil in the car. And most men will happily go along with that arrangement.

Chocolate Coin Tree Garlands or Ornaments

Author: David Ellis. Posted: 18 December 2012

Kids love chocolate coins and most love making things too. So why not combine the two loves and create some really easy-to-make Christmas decorations.
Penny garlands made from chocolate coins are so quick and easy. You can string them together to make decorative festoons for the tree, or put individual hangers on single coins and make dangling ornaments.

Fridge Magnet Fun

Author: David Ellis. Posted: 18 December 2012

There’s something about that large, clear expanse of magnetic material we call the fridge.
Maybe it’s the urge to leave no space undecorated, maybe it’s the call of the creative or the need to express personality on a thing that’s otherwise generic, or maybe we just like collecting stuff and the fridge is as good a place as any to keep it.
Whatever the reason, fridge magnets have an almost fervent following.

Crafty Christmas Project - Shooting Stars

Author: David Ellis. Posted: 18 December 2012

Get out the glitter and cardstock, scissors and glue, gather the kids and have a crafty Christmas get-together round the kitchen table.
Making Christmas decorations is easy, doesn’t take long, and adds that little bit of a personal touch in this oh-so commercial world.
Spiral Shooting Stars
Spiral shooting stars are very quick and simple to make, but are really effective when they’re used either as window hangers or on the tree.

H stands for Heritage but it also stands for Hamster

Author: Radoslaw Zajaczkowski. Posted: 14 December 2012

We wanted to do something special to show our love for the brand as a kick off…so with that in mind, our master trainer - Leon - set about training our office hamster ‘H’.

This is the video result. We failed at getting him to juggle, but we’re impressed with the results.

H for Hamster

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