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Fifties Styling Made Simple

Author: Deborah Sutton. Posted: 12 September 2012

Stepping back in time doesn’t mean sacrificing modern conveniences or introducing a tired, old-fashioned look to the house. 1950s styling is all about clean, uncluttered lines and pushing against all kinds of boundaries.
Not called the atomic age for nothing, boundaries crossed included Elvis’s stage gyrations that had girls all but exploding with excitement, while in industry exciting strides forward were made in energy and fuel production.

Organising Your Fridge

Author: Deborah Sutton. Posted: 12 September 2012

With food prices going up and up, any ideas that can help shave a few pounds off the shopping bill are welcome.
Keeping your fridge organised can do just that. Not only do you know where everything is, you also know exactly what you’ve got and what you need so you don’t go buying duplicates of things lurking at the back.



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