The Top 10 Things to Think About Before You Buy a Washing Machine

1. What will it cost to run?

Modern machines are generally more efficient than older machines – which is why some programmes take longer as they heat the water more slowly – however some machines are still better than others. Machines all come with EU energy ratings, from G for the least efficient right up to A+++. All Servis HydroDrive machines are A+++ energy rated and the more energy efficient a machine is the less it will cost to run, and the lower your bills will be. In fact machines like the W714F4HDW use up to 60% less energy than A rated washing machines without HydroDrive & they use less water too.

2. Will it all fit in?

Whilst all washing machines are pretty much the same size on the outside, the inside is a different story. So before you choose your machine you will need to think about how much you usually need to wash. For a couple, or a small family, a 6kg machine like the Servis W612F2W might be enough, but if you have a larger family you will probably need a bigger machine like the W712F4W. The Servis W812F4HDW has one of the biggest drums on the market. Its 8kg drum holds the equivalent of 40 t-shirts. That’s not the only thing to consider though. If you have to wash a large load the last thing you want to do is struggle getting your laundry in and out of the machine, this model also comes with a bigger than average porthole door, which makes loading simple.

3. How long will my washing take?

Whether it’s because we’ve just discovered the shirt we want to wear tomorrow is in the wash, or just because of our busy lives, sometimes we need our washing quickly. When you’re looking at a machine’s programmes then it’s worth checking how quick the quick washes really are. At just 12 minutes the Superfast programme on Servis HydroDrive machines is one of the quickest on the market and is ideal for small amounts of lightly soiled items, as it will wash up to 2kg.

4. What if I don’t always have a full load?

Whilst it’s handy to have a machine with a generous capacity, no matter how big your family is there are times when you won’t have enough laundry for a full load. To make sure that washing a half load won’t mean skimping on energy efficiency, look for a machine that can sense lighter loads. The Eco-Logic system from Servis will detect a half load and adjust programmes accordingly, using less water and energy, saving you money.

5. Can I delay the wash?

Buying a machine that lets you delay your wash has a number of advantages. You can set your machine to come on after you’ve gone to bed to take advantage of cheap night time electricity tariffs. Or if you don’t want your washing sitting in the machine once clean, you can set it to finish just as you get home from work, so that you can hang it straight out. Whatever you choose, a clear display like the W814FGHDW’s Full Graphic Display not only helps you keep an eye on when your wash will be ready but also any other options you have selected.

6. Will it wash all of my clothes?

We all know that different fabrics need different care, so make sure you look for a washing machine with programmes to suit them all. Servis machines have 15 programmes, for everything from delicates to heavily soiled cotton. The machines’ 30 degree mixed wash programme even means that when you don’t have the time, or inclination, to sort your laundry you can wash different fabrics together with complete confidence. HydroDrive machines also come with Hygiene programmes that remove bacteria even at low temperatures and can be used to clean the drum.

7. Which spin speed should I choose?

The faster a washing machine spins your clothes, the more water is removed and the less time they’ll take to dry. The Servis W714F4HDW has a fast spin speed of 1400 rpm (revolutions per minute) which is particularly useful when you’re washing heavier items such as towels. For added flexibility choose a machine with a variable spin speed, as reducing spin speed can help protect delicate fabrics or make some clothes easier to iron.

8. Are there any safety features?

The last thing you want when you’ve selected your programme is for little fingers to come along and change it. Activating the child lock on all Servis washing machines will ensure that you can leave the machine unattended, safe in the knowledge that programmes can’t be altered. It’s also worth looking for other features such as overflow or anti-foam protection. The first prevents water leakage and the other stops foam building up in the machine. Handy if you run your machine whilst you’re out or overnight.

9. Are there any other colours?

Washing machines are referred to as white goods for a reason. Like cookers and fridges, generally you’ve only ever really had the choice of buying a white one. Not any more though, Servis washing machines don’t just come in the classic white finish; you can also buy them in gleaming silver or ultra-modern black. Just look for the colour swatches on our website, or an S or a B at the end of the model number instead of a W. And if you choose a Servis washer dryer you have can even buy a red machine. Which brings us to…..

10. Do I need a separate tumble dryer?

If you have a limited amount of space but still want a tumble dryer, a washer dryer is the ideal solution. Generally a washer dryer will have two different capacities; one for washing and one for drying. For example the Servis WD1496 models give you a 9kg wash capacity and a 6kg dry capacity, which is one of the largest on the market. A washer dryer may also offer you extra programmes in addition to just washing and drying your clothes, such as refresh programmes that freshen up clothes by blowing hot air through them. And with the WD1496 you get all the great features you’d expect of a top of the range Servis machine, including a full easy to use graphic display; and a real time clock and timer that doesn’t just let you delay your wash, but lets you choose the time you want it to end.

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