Making the Most of Your Double Oven

You might have been using a double oven for years or maybe are just switching over from a single oven but are you sure you’re making the most of it? We’ve put together some tips and reminders of how a double oven can improve your cooking and make your life easier.


The first benefit is probably the most obvious – double ovens simply give you more cooking space than single ovens. Whether you have to cook more because you have a large family or whether you’re a keen baker who finds that single ovens don’t provide enough room for more than a couple of batches of biscuits; this extra space will help make life easier and save you time. Why not make the most of this added space by baking some of these suggestions for big batch baking from Yummly. And double ovens really come into their own on special occasions, such as Christmas or family parties, when you may need to cook more than usual amount of food. There’s plenty of space in the main oven for Nigella’s roast potatoes to cook alongside your turkey and with the added room of the top oven you can prepare this delicious cider, apple and golden sultana braised red cabbage to go alongside.


But it’s not just the increase in space you get with double ovens that make life easier. Because your ovens are individually controlled, cooking different dishes at the same time becomes a breeze. There’s no more trying to keep your main course warm while your side dishes finish cooking. With a double oven you can cook different dishes, at different temperatures and still make sure they’re ready at the same time. And if you’ve got one of those family members who always want to eat something different from everyone else, just cook theirs in the smaller top oven. Brilliant if there’s one vegetarian in the family; whilst the meat’s roasting in the main oven they can look forward to this delicious stuffed avocado. You can also use your top oven for cooking something like meringues, which should be dried out and then allowed to cool in the oven, without tying up the main oven for hours on end. This basic meringue recipe from Being Creative is a great place to start .

Better Results

We’ve already seen how a double oven can deliver better results by letting you cook different dishes at the same time but there’s also another advantage. Because your two ovens are entirely separate you’ll find you can cook strong smelling foods in one, without tainting the food cooking in the other. No more fish flavoured apple crumble for your family! For a healthy Friday treat use your main oven to cook this low fat take on Fish & Chips, whilst this delicious apple and blackberry cornflake crumble cooks away in your top oven.

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