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At Servis we try not to use too much jargon. But since one person's technical term is another person's jargon, here is our 'jargon buster'. We hope it clarifies anything that has been mystifying you.


HydroDrive – This dual water injection system injects water and detergent deep into your laundry for great washing results using less energy and water.Watch our video and find out how Hydrodrive machines use up to 60% less energy

Eco-Logic – The Eco-Logic system adjusts the washing programme when a half load or less is detected

Variable Spin Speed – Variable Spin Speed lets you select slower spin speeds which can help protect delicate items such as woollens

Variable Temperature – Variable Temperature lets you customise your wash programmes by allowing you to lower the preset temperature. This can help save energy or protect certain fabrics

Refresh – This Washer Dryer programme blows hot air through laundry to freshen it. It is not a wash programme but can remove odours

Allergy UK – Programs that are especially designed to remove harmful allergens and bacterias are available on our FL & FG models, and have been endorsed by Allergy UK. Other Hydrodrive models in the range have special rinse options to minimise residual detergent in the laundry which can be a cause of irritation

Time Delay – A feature that allows you to delay the start of the selected programme by either set amounts, or to an actual start time.

Night Mode – Programme number 15 on the range topping FL & FG models. This washes your clothes quietly and can hold water in the drum for up to 10 hours. It will then automatically pump out the water and spin the clothes, saving the noisiest part of the wash for when you are awake.

Overflow Protection – The overflow protection system detects potential problems with the water supply which may result in overflowing. If a problem is detected the drain pump is automatically turned on.

Child Lock – The child lock prevents un-authorised changes on the control panel whilst the machine is in operation

Eco Timer – The Eco timer function allows you to set a time when cheaper off peak electricity is available, and the washing machine will start at that time, taking advantage of lower tariffs.

Un-balance Control System – Un-even loads in washing machines are a frequent cause of damage and machine failures. The un-balance load system redistributes the load inside of the drum and adjusts the spin speed to achieve optimum safe spinning efficiency.

Boomerang Cabinet – This specially designed cabinet helps to increase rigidity, decreasing vibrations and ambient noise.

Eco-Logic system – When a half load is detected, energy consumption is automatically decreased by up to 50%, together with a reduction in water consumption and program durations.

Pearl Drum – A unique drum design which provides greater protection for your delicate clothes and increased spinning efficiency

Stain Level Selection – Three levels of stain selection adjusts the power of the of the wash to your needs

Anti-Allergy Rinses – These settings provide extra rinses, or special hot rinses to help remove the maximum amount of soap residue.

Prewash – A recommended setting when heavily soiled items are to be washed.

3D Load Sensor – This special sensor allows the weight of the load to be measured by the position of the drum. The machine automatically adjusts the program duration, water and energy useage.

Stain Type Selector – Our top of the range FG machine has 22 selectable stain types to help deal with the most common mishaps


ColdWrap - ColdWrap circulates air around the fridge to ensure that the walls of the fridge are kept cool, thus minimising temperature change when the fridge doors are opened

Double Compressor – Double Compressors circulate air seperately in each of a fridge freezers sections. This allows more accurate temperature control in each section

Flexi Zone - Flexi Zone technology allows conversion of freezer compartments to fridge compartments and back again to suit; giving additional fresh food storage space

Holiday Mode - In Holiday Mode the freezer keeps running whilst the fridge unit is switched off. As the doors are not opened the unit stays cool whilst saving energy

No Frost – A No Frost system circulates cold air around the freezer to prevent the build up of ice and frost

VitaStore - Servis VitaStore technology provides the ideal storage conditions for fresh fruit and vegetables by converting one of the freezer sections to create the optimum moisture and temperature levels to prolong the life of your fresh food. Under independent testing, VitaStore achieved a 60% reduction in moisture loss; this preserves nutritional content and reduces food waste.

Reversible Doors - Many of our refrigeration models come with reversible doors, meaning they can be opened from the left or the right with a simple adjustment.

Removable Door Racks - Door racks can be repositioned to provide extra space for bottles and items of various heights

Safety Glass - The tempered glass on top of the crispers can hold up to 40kg of weight


Duo Wash – Split level washing that delivers an intensive wash to the lower shelf whilst items on the upper shelf can be washed more gently. This removes the need to wash delicate items seperately.

Half Load Option – Washes a load in half the dishwasher only. This means you don’t have to wait until you have a full load before washing

Turbidity (water cleanliness) Sensor – Detects the amount of turbidity (dirt) in the water and adjusts the temperature, duration and amount of water use automatically, saving un-necessary water and energy use.

Super 50 – The super 50 program provides A class washing performance in just 50 minutes.

Turbo Drying – Activates a fan that draws steam out of the dishwasher providing even greater dryer performance

Active Drying – Uses heat from the dishwasher wall to promote condensation and helps the drying of the dishes

Third Rack – An upper cutlery tray designed for cutlery and small cups and dishes. The tray is removable and can be used as a draining board or simply taken out to speed up the putting away of the cutlery


Fan Oven – A fan circulates air around the oven creating an even cooking temperature and eliminating ‘hot spots’, ideal for baking.

Double Oven – A double oven allows you to cook at two different temperatures at the same time with two separate oven compartments, the top one also featuring a grill. Many ovens offer only a grill in a the top compartment so lack this flexibility.

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