Energy Ratings Explained

You’ve probably noticed the energy ratings on electrical appliances but what are they and what do they mean? How can you use them to save money on your household bills?

Energy ratings are calculated in slightly different ways for different products but all help you compare and choose the most energy efficient household appliances, helping you to save energy and money. Appliances are rated from G the least efficient, to A+++ the most efficient, reflecting progress in energy efficient product design. Each different type of appliance has a specific set of standards against which energy ratings are calculated. These are specified by the EU and suppliers must make technical documentation available to the relevant authorities to ensure that tests are carried out correctly. This also lets you compare machines from different companies. You may sometimes see appliances with higher ratings which although not official ratings indicate that these machines are even more energy efficient.


A washing machine's energy-efficiency rating is calculated by measuring the amount of energy in kilowatt hours (kWh) used annually by the machine. This is based on the energy used during a 60°C cotton programme at full and half load and a 40°C cotton programme at half load. The test also looks at the amount of energy used once the programme finishes, if the machine is not switched off. All Servis HydroDrive machines are rated as A+++: the highest official rating available; although in fact they exceed the requirements for even this highest rating.


The energy ratings for fridges and fridge freezers compare energy consumption with the appliance’s internal volume. This shows you how efficient it is for its size The ratings also take into account the lowest temperature of the different compartments and whether or not a freezer compartment has a frost free feature. Because your fridge or fridge freezer is switched on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you’ll want to make sure you buy one that is energy efficient. Although, if you spend long periods away from home you may want to think about buying a Servis American Fridge Freezer which you can run in a low energy Holiday Mode when you are away.


Energy ratings on dishwashers indicate the combined energy and water use. They are calculated by washing a full load of normally soiled dishes on the programme recommended by the manufacturer. On dishwashers you will also find ratings for washing and drying performance, indicated by the letters A-G. So for example the Servis DN61039W dishwasher has an energy efficiency rating of A+++, a cleaning and drying ratings of A; all the highest available.


The EU energy label for electric ovens gives an indication of energy efficiency in relation to the size of the oven. A+ rated ovens are the most efficient, more commonly these are the built in type, the energy rating of the Servis Electric Cooker ranges main fan oven is A.

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