Choosing your Fridge or Fridge Freezer

Do you need a fridge or a fridge freezer?

If you rely less on frozen food and more on fresh food you may want to consider buying a standard fridge unit rather than a fridge freezer. The fridges in the Servis Retro range give you up to a massive 281 litres of refrigerated space suitable for both fresh and chilled items. Servis Retro Fridges also give you a compact icebox that’s perfect for ice cubes, lollies and small amounts of frozen food. And if space is even more of a premium, the UR55W will fit under your worktop whilst still giving you both fridge space and a small freezer compartment. The UR55W is also ideal for anyone looking for extra storage in addition to their main fridge or fridge freezer.

Want more freezer space but are short of room?

If you want more freezer space than a standard fridge unit but have limited space it can be difficult to find the right appliance. Luckily Servis offers the perfect solution. The Servis CF55170W is a slightly narrower fridge freezer which will still give you up to 214 litres of combined fridge and freezer space and is ideal if space is tight.

Fridge Freezer or Fridge AND Freezer?

So you have enough room for a full width appliance? Your next decision is whether you want a combined fridge freezer or would prefer to opt for two separate appliances. We’ll look at fridge freezers in a moment but first let’s see what Servis offer if you want a fridge and freezer. For smaller families, or if you prefer a more compact solution, our under counter units are a great option. We’ve already talked about the UR55W, with its fridge space and ice box, but if space allows why not think about combing the UL55W compact larder fridge with the UF55W compact freezer. Both will fit under standard kitchen worktops and together will give you 75 litres of refrigerated space and 107 litres of freezer space. For larger households the LF60185W tall larder fridge and FF60185NFW tall freezer are perfect. Giving you an enormous 350 litres of refrigerated space and 251 litres of freezer space, these matching units come with a joining strip; letting you create one large beautifully styled appliance.

Traditional, Retro or American?

If you would prefer a combined fridge freezer Servis are certain to be able to provide you with one to suit your family; and your kitchen.

Traditional Servis Fridge Freezers such as the CF60185W offer no nonsense solutions with neutral styling that will suit any kitchen. And with models such as the CF60185NFW coming with twin temperature control, 0c Freshbox compartment for meat and fish, odour filter and no frost on technology; opting for a traditional fridge freezer doesn’t mean missing out on the latest technology. The CF60185NFW also offers combined fridge and freezer space of 297 litres, ideal for most households.

If you prefer something more distinctive, Servis Retro Fridge freezers are beautifully styled with a classic 1950s look, stylish chrome handles, clear glass shelves and full width wine rack. Available as either a shorter Topmount version or as a 70:30 fridge to freezer split, with almost 100 litres of freezer space; whichever style you choose they will bring a touch of glamour to any kitchen. All our Retro Fridge Freezers come in the same Classic Cream, Jet Black and Chilli Red as the Retro Fridges; with the combi fridge freezers also available in Tangerine Orange or Pistachio Green for the more adventurous.

However for larger households or if you have more room why not consider the Servis American Fridge Freezer. This gives you double the storage space of the average fridge freezer yet only takes up 50% more space. French style doors give easy access to all parts of the Fridge Freezer, whilst a sleek stainless steel finish and frameless touch panel display will add a contemporary look to any kitchen.

Do you want added flexibility?

Not only does the Servis American Fridge Freezer give you more space but thanks to the machine’s dual compressor that space is more flexible. This system lets you convert freezer space into fridge space when you need more room for fresh and chilled items. It also lets you switch to Holiday Mode if you’re away from home for a while; keeping your frozen food frozen whilst using less energy. And with VitaStore and ColdWrap technology employed to keep food fresher for longer and maintain the perfect fridge temperature however you use the space you can be sure your food will be in tiptop condition.

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